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Welcome to Bravo Life Coaching. Here, I offer the WILDFIT®90-Day Challenge online.

My hope is for you to feel like you’ve found a place to feel aligned with your health, nutrition, and wellness. To embrace food freedom, the imperfect, and judge each season as an enriched experience.

When life isn’t turning out the way you want or when your health is less than ideal, you get overloaded with head trash, junk food, and falling for marketing tactics. Being able to re-center yourself and remove what’s not working while reinforcing what is becomes essential.

That’s where WILDFIT® comes in…

…even if you’re looking to break old patterns and you’ve tried everything! Now is the time to level up your health and wellness to cultivate energy, nutrition, and purpose within your body – you’ve come to the right place.

Begin your unique WILDFIT® journey and enjoy each season



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What is WILDFIT®, and what can this lifestyle do for me?

The WILDFIT® 90-Day Challenge

The WILDFIT® philosophy stems from a unique method to enhance your natural equilibrium each season. 

Week 1 – Foundation & Emotional Eating

Initially, the focus is on shifting your mindset and behavior.

Week 1 provides the necessary insight into why you crave non-nutritious foods, why dieting is not the answer and targets emotional eating. 

Coaching – If you’re feeling a little overwhelmed or have questions, in Weeks 1, 2 & 13, there are three coaching Zoom calls Monday, Wednesday but in Week 3-12, the coaching calls move to Monday and Friday. 

Week 2 & 3 – Sugar Transition (Part 1)

For those with a sweet tooth, weeks 2 & 3 will help you quickly end your craving for processed sugar. 

Coaching – If you’re struggling during this period, you’re not alone. Coaching support is available and sharing your wins (or struggles) are highly encouraged to set you up for success.

Week 4 & 5 – Learning to LOVE the Good Stuff

Time to transition from empty calories to training your body to love the RIGHT food to fuel your body. It is a process, and each step is layered upon the last – to ease your transition. By Week 4 & 5, you will begin to feel a significant shift in your energy and overall mood. You may even wish to ditch your morning cup of Joe!

Coaching – This is an exciting time for all of us. On the calls, we discuss where you’re at, how your body is adjusting (physically and mentally), as well as the benefits of following through with the WILDFIT® program.

Week 6 to Week 10 – Spring Season

Whether your reason for joining  WILDFIT® was to become healthy, gain muscle, burn fat, or maintain your ideal weight. Most people begin to notice a shift in  body weight; this season emphasizes reaching your natural equilibrium.  

Coaching – our discussions focus upon the Spring season – it’s here your body will rejuvenate itself. At this time, we place focus on the first spring and discuss the concepts of this season to support your transformation. 

Week 11 – Ease Out of Spring

The wonder of WILDFIT® is based on it’s methodology – at no time does it limit you to only one way of eating, but rather it filters and flows as you introduce new foods into each season of consumption. 

Week 12 – Back to Spring

As you transition once again into Deep Spring, your body will rinse and repeat the weight stabilizing or cleansing process again. One of the key factors is that you receive significant support to confidently manage and adhere to the WILDFIT® principles to achieve long-term results.

Coaching – We conduct 2 calls this week on Monday and Friday.

Week 13 – Living WILDFIT®

You are now in the driver seat! This week you decide which season to follow, and have the power to continue on your journey of healthy choices. 

Coaching – This is the final week of WILDFIT® calls (Monday, Wednesday and graduation on Friday). These calls will ensure you have the tools and resources to thrive by maintaining a WILDFIT® lifestyle.

“In 90 days, I have gone down 30.5 inches over all and released 38 lbs.  I am no longer taking diabetes medication, my blood sugars are normal and so is my cholesterol. Woohoo!”

– Satisfied client

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