Nonviolent Communication

About Transformational Communication
(Nonviolent Communication)


Individuals– 60 minute sessions – $125CAD/hr +gst
  • If this is your first session with me, I recommend booking a 90 minute session to start.
Couples – 60 minute sessions – $125CAD/hr +gst
  • If this is your first session with me, I recommend booking a 90 minute session to start.
  • If there is already a significant level of hurt and resentment, I recommend booking 60 minute sessions for each person separately before booking a couple’s session.
Trainings – Book a training (Offerings)
  • 13 Week Basic NVC Training – Group work for small to medium size groups
Mentorship – Taking it Deeper 
  • Working more deeply on advanced subjects such as “Receiving Difficult to Hear Messages”

About Michèle

Over 20 years ago, I was volunteering in a Federal correctional facility. 

I was looking to deepen my relationships, not just those with whom I volunteered, but all of them.  I saw others make meaningful connections around me, and yearned for that same quality.  I looked for empathy training but all I could find were courses on ethics, not the same thing at all.

Around that same time, my husband and I had been married for 25 years and we were struggling.  We seemed to get to the same place in our many of our arguments and didn’t know how to get any further.  I didn’t know how to communicate my frustration in a way my husband could hear,  and I didn’t know how to respond and support my husband in his struggles in a way that worked for him.  We were stuck.

In February 2002, I was invited to participate in a workshop with Dr. Marshall Rosenberg.  From that one workshop, I gained insight and hope, and was determined to learn more.  I immersed myself in training, becoming a Certified Trainer in Nonviolent Communication in 2004.  Since then, I have been working with individuals, couples and groups to help them deepen their connections with self and others, in a way that is more likely to get their needs met.  

Since 2003, Michèle has offered training and private sessions in Canada, the US, and abroad for groups and individuals.  Most recently, she has focused her work on private sessions with individuals and couples, to help them resolve conflict and develop a deeper understanding and connection with themselves and others.


“The NVC learning which Michele passed to me has been instrumental in my awareness of the power of language. Being able to identify my own feelings and needs and communicating them has been a precision key in my self awareness and healing. I am eternally grateful to Michèle for empowering me with her energy and enthusiasm.”

– Marilyn Weland

“Michele came to our bilingual elementary school to give our staff a workshop on communication. Her delivery was excellent, clear and useful for me. Through her workshop I  improved my abilities to communicate with my students, parents and staff. It even helped me communicate better with my family.”

– Judith Mari

“Michèle has taught me to hear not just with my ears, but with my heart.”

– WIll P.

Thanks, Michele.  I appreciate the perspective I gain from our sessions.” 

– Erik

“I have gone from being my own worst enemy to becoming my own best friend.  I now have tools to help me overcome my cyclical depression.”

– Mary Ives