Lean Into Life

Like many people, my weight loss and health journey has been full of ups and downs over the years. I am so excited to have finally found something that works – and lasts!

In August 2018, my goals were to finish my degree, drop some weight, get healthier, retire from my 30-year job and build a new network of friends.  I followed the keto diet and got far more steps in than I had done for years.  I lost 35 pounds, and I was thrilled!

I graduated and retired. As we prepared to sell our house, I gained back 15 pounds that I had worked so hard to lose.  I found myself eating junk. I realized I was eating to quell the emotions of selling our home of 30 years, of transitioning to a new life, of hours in front of me with no clear path. Keto worked for me, but clearly it wasn’t the whole answer.

By October, we relocated to Mexico to start our dream life.  I started going to the gym.  I saw a nutritionist, however the diet she had me on played havoc with my blood sugar.  Did I mention I am pre-diabetic? 

Then my trainer noticed that my old knee injury was acting up in a way that concerned him.  As I couldn’t take anti-inflammatories, I wasn’t able to reduce the swelling and the pain often kept me up at night.  I went to a specialist and was scheduled for surgery in early January. 

At the same time, I had stumbled across WILDFIT®, a 90-day nutrition program that was touted to help people lose weight while dealing with food issues by addressing the psychological factors.  It sounded good to me. 

Two days after starting the program, I had knee surgery. I was laid up and no longer able to even enjoy walking until the healing process was complete.  Going to the gym was out of the question.  The program was allowing me to make food choices that reduced my inflammation.  A month later, I had healed enough to get out for short walks.  Even laid up, I was seeing results.  I had no idea of my current weight because I didn’t own a scale, but I lost a total of 10 inches in my first 45 days. 

Then COVID hit.  We were in lock-down and even going for short walks was not recommended. Others were complaining of gaining weight and yet I was still slimming. My knee was healing.  And I had gained a whole community who were on this same journey with me, who understood my challenges and struggles. Another check mark on my list of goals.

Fast forward to January 2021.  My BMI has gone from obese to well within the normal range.  I have been able to cut my medication in half.  My blood sugar is much lower than it was.  I can sleep through the night and wake well rested, full of the kind of energy I used to enjoy. 

This program has been so valuable to me and has changed my health trajectory.  Now because I want to help others do the same, I have joined the WILDFIT® team.  My first trial class as a Coach in Training will start on February 8

If you too are tired of yo-yo dieting and want to change your health trajectory, please drop me a private message on Facebook, send me an email or book a free discovery call at the link below to find out how I can help you reclaim your well-being.

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