Optimize Your Life

with Michèle Favarger

WILDFIT® should not be confused with weight loss programs, therapeutic sessions, or traditional medicine. 

It’s a way for you to understand what holds you back and the next steps required to create a lifestyle full of fulfillment, inspiration and propel you to live your best life. 

It can be intense; it is empowering and transformative.

I’ll assume you also have taken an interest in your nutrition or wellness, like me, where perhaps you’ve endured multiple debilitating diagnoses, heartache, or became lost along the way…

… likely, you’re here because you think differently – you are hopeful. And you wish to feel different. And to do so, you need to do things differently.

Get to know Michèle

My motto is simple:
“It’s not a problem, it’s an adventure.

From hiking the West Coast Trail (twice) to working overseas in Belgium, Ireland and to studying abroad in Ecuador and settling in Vancouver, Canada (& now in Mexico 6 months of the year.

On any given day, you’ll find Erik and me admiring the charm of the historic cobblestone streets as we get in our steps. 

And there’s nothing better than a bit of downtime as we laze in our hammocks drinking in the vibrant colours of the Bougainvillia as we drum up a new recipe to ignite our taste buds.

For me, the turning point was debilitating diagnoses, emotional eating, and my reflection. 

My attempt to eat healthily, exercise daily, manage multiple prescriptions, and embrace my sense of adventure helped anchor me but did not improve my health, and that’s when I found WILDFIT® (or it found me). 

I retired from a job I loved. Put RV living on hold and jetted off to walk the cobblestone streets and enjoy beach side promenades in Mexico; I can now feel the warm ocean breeze and enjoy a more healthy lifestyle.

I sought new seasons – a new way of thinking, and I explicitly trusted food freedom to lead the way.

Ready to join me?

Move beyond poor choices and quick fixes!

Where we can turn the table on the unexpected to refuse to participate in a one-size-fits-all program that sets you up to fail – no matter your body type, mindset or the season. 

It doesn’t have to be an endless loop. But if you don’t do something about your health, you’ll be in the same place this time next year. 

Time to make a change. Invest in yourself, be empowered, and learn to nourish your body to feel good and maximize each day. 

If you believe you’re ready for this, I can point the way.

Where you can pass on chasing perfection and embrace the imperfect, food freedom, and self-expression – no matter your age or stage in life.

After all, investing in yourself requires you to feel good in your body, be healthy, and move toward a whole new way of healthy living, nutrition, and weight loss (if that is what you desire).

And now it’s time to alter the relationship & roadmap you inherited from your life challenges (& society).

To get your healthy body back and experience life fully.

As I’ve shared with you, I set out into a world of adventure to be healthy and bring all good things to life.

I’ve embraced a WILDFIT® lifestyle, and it completely changed my life.

And if you’re wondering how you reclaim your health and wellness – it’s the (im)perfect combination of food freedom + aspiration designed to improve your eating, energy and ignite meaningful change. 

It’s the reason, each day, I wake up refreshed, ready to live each day to the fullest. To show up and support people (like you) who desire to…

– feel at peace and confident in your skin

– break free of poor eating habits or binge eating

– embrace food freedom and make nutritious meals

– find a greater sense of joy and fulfillment

– move beyond the Coaching and integrate what you’ve 

– learned in WILDFIT® into your daily life (life-long results)